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Emergency Contact: Who would you like to have notified if you are having a hard time? Are there limits you would like set around this? For example, “I would like you to call my emergency contact if I can’t speak for myself, however, if you are able to converse with me, please ask my permission to contact this person. ~or~ only contact this person if my life is at risk.”

Allergies: Do you have any medical allergies that a medical practitioner would need to know for an emergency if you cannot speak for yourself.

Health Needs: Are there things about to your health that you need to be mindful about? For example, if you have dietary arrangements. Perhaps you have a c-pap breathing machine. These are things you should consider when you think about your needs when you are in crisis.

Insurance information:

Hospital preference (If the situation allows a preference).

Doctors name/contact:

Directions to Home: This is helpful if you give your plan to a crisis team, peer organization, or others who may come to your home to support you.

Service Providers: Who are the “professionals” in your life? Are there some you want contacted when you are in crisis? Are there some you may need support around contacting?

Pets: If you have pets, what are the arrangements if you are away from home?

Children: If you have children living with you, what are the arrangements? What are their names and what is their contact numbers? Do they attend school? What is the name of the school & contact number?

​​We offer guidance through the following:

Medicaid/Medicare applications/ qualification preparation / If you were denied we can help you get qualified. Qualifying for Medicaid/Medicare is confusing and difficult. We also can help with the entire application process. It is important to receive assistance from Medicaid to pay for long term care, without devastating the assets accumulated from a lifetime of hard work and savings. 

- Personalized Medicaid Asset Protection Road Map. This is a document customized for you and your family’s needs, circumstances and list of goals. This plan educates you about options available and how to become eligible to qualify for Medicaid and preserve as many assets that you can legally. It also maps out how to accomplish your goals to be secure.

- Medicaid Asset Protection Trust. This specialized trust is a tool that will assist in preserving assets by placing ownership in an irrevocable trust which can only be accessed by a trusted person of the trust creator’s choice.

- Medicaid Compliant Promissory Notes. This is one method of transforming assets (that would normally disqualify a person from receiving Medicaid assistance to pay for long term care) into a stream of income to pay for care.

- Medical Crisis Info Sheet. This is just as simple as having an accessible note with basic details of personal information. (See below)

(A simple informational document that can be easily be accessible during the occurrence of an emergency health crises is a wise thing to have. The purpose of the following document is for you to create a plan so you and providers can access when you are having a hard time or a health crises. The best time to work on this document is when you are doing well. It can be beneficial for you or for a family members to have this important information due to an emergency you care will be swift and smooth in the future, making it easier for all involved. This basic crisis plan with some basic information and Instructions can prove beneficial. Planning is always a good thing. ***Always keep in an accessible but safe place since it does have personal sensitive information.)

​​The proven experience at Knappmann Law's of Estate Planning & Elder Law Division provide immediate relief and guide your family through the complicated legalities involving dealing with the multiple legal aspects for any health crisis that may arises or that may have already taken place. A wise approach is to prepare, protect and execute a plan before a crisis happens. If there is not any advance preparation, we can certainly help guide you in the right direction! Our experience of navigating seniors and family members through these complicated matters become easier with the knowledge and experience that we provide regarding well known legal resources to untapped resources that may be available to you.

Our dedication to our new clients and repeat clients is to provide them with compassion and walk them through effective services to help seniors and their families. At Knappmann Law we maintain the highest levels of customer service, follow through, ethical standards and proven competence. Let us take care of you when you need to take care of your family crisis. We are the to-go-to resource in Southeast Michigan.

*As part of a research study at Harvard University, researchers interviewed 1,771 Americans in bankruptcy courts across the country. Half said that illness or medical bills drove them to bankruptcy. So each year, 2 million Americans — those who file and their dependents — face the double disaster of illness and bankruptcy.

*Rising health care costs can’t be ignored: in the last year, 58 percent of people didn’t seek treatment they needed because it was too expensive.

*Statistics show that 70% of people over 65 years old needlong-term health care.

AARP: 1.85 Million Americans Go Bankrupt Due To Medical Bills In One Year

Crises Care Planning

Crisis Care Planning - Elder Law

Crisis care planning is a major element in elder law and should not be overlooked. Considering the increasingly high costs of insurance premiums, doctor services, hospital visits and medical procedures, the overall medical costs for an individual and families are skyrocketing. If someone is not prepared in advance for any medical crises, it can wipe out their hard earned savings. In some cases, their assets can become vulnerable as well.

Seniors and family members can easily feel stress and become overwhelmed quickly when they are educating themselves when seeking the best way to pay for any unanticipated crisis that is health related. This includes protecting family assets and estates, legal rights, insurance coverage and qualifying/utilizing Medicaid and Medicare benefits. The sooner you plan the better advantages you can reap.

There are different facets of crisis planning. Navigating through the different types of medical insurance and services to be sure our clients are properly covered before any crisis occurs (long term care, nursing home services, emergency hospital services, etc.) Other facets of crisis planning would be (for example) if someone becomes incapacitated and cannot make decisions for themselves.

At Knappmann Law, our experienced Estate Planning & Elder Law Division team can provide immediate help by providing answers to your legal questions if any crisis were to arise. It is our job to give all available options that are available to you (that you may not know exist).  We provide up-to-date knowledge to help navigate our clients through health programs that work best for their needs. We can assist you when you are seeking affordable health programs that can suit your needs, without overpaying or overlapping coverage. 

Taking action and becoming proactive is a relief to our seniors clientele and their families that may face an unexpected healthcare crisis in the future. We know the current laws and we are unbiased when assisting new and current (repeat) clients. We never recommend a product or service where we would get a personal gain unlike a salesperson/representative from an entity that is trying to sell you on their product or service. There are also free services that can advise you as well, but they are not usually attorneys looking out for your best interests that have testimonials.


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