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powers of attorney For Health Care

Designating a loved one as a power of attorney is important as well as planning what your wishes may be during  a timely health crises.

​A health care power of attorney surpasses a living will. The big restriction with a living will is that it only applies if you are terminally ill or permanently unconscious or another similar condition as defined by state law. If you are unconscious temporarily or unable to communicate, but are not terminally ill, or in an irreversible vegetative state, or any other end-stage condition, a living will is of no use. You need a health care power of attorney to cover such a situation. If you have a living will (which can cover other medical directional details), it may be used along with a health care power of attorney, or the two may be combined into one document (some state have an alternative directive form that automatically combines both functions). In some of the states, the official state forms combine the two, and may also include various other matters.

Financial powers of attorney can be either combined with health care powers of attorney or be kept separate. Both are considered alternative directive instruments.

Streamline your wishes by legally designating a health care power of attorney that can include more than lifesaving decisions. For example who you would like appointed as your legal guardian, the designation of a primary physician, and desires regarding the donation of body organs. taking care of your finances and paying your bills. Planning these things in advance can spare time, confusion, potential emotional conflict among loved ones/family members, time in court, money and much more.

Health Care Power of Attorney 

Legally designate someone to be your health care power of attorney also referred as Health care representative or health care agent, or health care proxy. This document is used in the event you are unable to make or communicate decisions about all aspects of your health care. a "durable" power of attorney is a wise part of estate planning to activate when needed. 

Note: There are nondurable and durable powers of attorney pertaining to both health care and finances. A "durable" power of attorney for medical care and finances. A durable power of attorney simply means that the document stays in effect if you become incapacitated and unable to handle matters on your own. (Ordinary, or "nondurable," powers of attorney automatically end if the person who makes them loses mental capacity.)

Health care Power of Attorney is stronger than a living will and more flexible. 


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