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Life Insurance

​​Many life insurance cases turn on key dates.  When did the grace period expire?  Did a policy lapse for nonpayment? Does the policy holder have proof of payment and the date it was paid? Was a lapse notice sent?  Was a payment or partial payment made and accepted before the grace period expired? An incorrect, weak legal argument will fail to get the attention of defense counsel and can botch your chance of the claim that may be owed to you and your family. The insurance company can ask many questions that you may want to seek legal counsel before answering. One wrong answer can botch your case.

​Fight fire with fire, lawyer up.

Insurance companies have legal departments equipped with salaried attorneys with proven legal strategies specializing in the insurance industry. This is what they do all day, all week and all year. Their job is to find issues with your claim if there is one. Increase your chances of prevailing, save time and seek out a good attorney that is familiar with insurance law, your legal rights and if your policy is compliant with state and federal laws and regulations.

*Before choosing a life insurance policy, some people will ask an attorney to review and compare plans to point out advantages and beneficial items that may fit your needs even before you sign up for one.​​

Signing up for life insurance is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your family. If a life crisis arises you can be assured your family will be taken care of. Even is you have a nest egg of savings and assets, the rising costs of living may eventually  supersede your family savings. 

You may want an attorney to review various policies and help incorporate your policy as part of your estate planning. 

*Being proactive results in savings.

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Life Insurance & Life Insurance Attorney 

If the law firm representing you is not familiar with dealing with life insurance companies, you may be left in a worse position. One issue can occur by having a delayed claim, become a denied claim or even getting a second denial on an already denied claim. The law firm may not be familiar with the updated law with policy compliance.

When someone becomes aware that they are the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, or that their claim has been denied, he or she will usually try to fight the insurance company alone. We do not suggest that do this. You may give out information that could hurt your case, or you may not include or represent a detail in your argument in a proper legal manner effectively.

Demanding a payment on an insurance claim based upon the wrong theory of recovery almost always guarantees a reaffirmed denial in many cases.  Most Insurance company claim agents are delighted when the client or their attorney asserts the wrong theory of recovery because they will respond solely to the argument that was delivered only, rather than addressing the circumstances that would establish their legal liability to pay. If you or your attorney do not clearly establish the insurance company’s legal liability to pay the claim, the life insurance company won. It is very critical that an attorney’s demand to issue policy proceeds put forth a winning “theory of recovery”.  Establishing the correct theory of recovery with documentation details and accurate facts correlating with the current applicable laws is crucial when accomplishing the goal of getting a life policy paid for policy holder.